Max Grau

Away Team

with Jan Erbelding



3 Silk screen prints on plexiglas [70 x 100 cm], C-Print [9 x 13 cm], Video [24:19 min], Sound, «Monobloc» Chair



Away Team was created for an exhibition at ‹Prince of Wales› in Munich. Their space is super weird. It’s a little claustrophobic. Somehow sparse. Well at least it can be. The exhibition spiraled around our fascination with the ‹Heaven’s Gate› cult. In the upstairs room a video was shown (There’s a version with English subtitles here). The video is a kind of homemade youtube-ish found footage documentary about the cult and why we think it’s so fascinating and so connected to a lot of stuff we think about. In the downstairs room we had the blue plexiglas plates and the plastic chairs and the bright neons and a drone-y sound. There’s a second chair in the corner of the room where the photographer’s standing. Those chairs where not used for sitting. They where more like a prop. The downstairs room was supposed to be a little uncomfortable to be in. Somehow bleak. I don’t know. It was still winter when we worked on the show. The opening day was very beautiful and spring and we felt a little weird, I guess. Also every 30 minutes or so, Funkadelic’s ‹Maggot Brain› started playing.